Light Pollution Wastes Energy and Money

I hate light pollution. Seeing nothing but a haze of orange and white at night is beyond depressing.


From the International Dark-Sky Association:

Lighting that emits too much light or shines when and where it’s not
needed is wasteful. Wasting energy has huge economic and environmental

In an average year in the U.S. alone, outdoor lighting uses about 120
terawatt-hours of energy, mostly to illuminate streets and parking
lots. That’s enough energy to meet New York City’s total electricity
needs for two years!

IDA estimates that least 30 percent of all outdoor lighting in the
U.S. alone is wasted, mostly by lights that aren’t shielded. That adds
up to $3.3 billion and the release of 21 million tons of carbon dioxide
per year! To offset all that carbon dioxide, we’d have to plant 875
million trees annually.

Environmental responsibility requires energy efficiency and conservation

  • Installing quality outdoor lighting could cut energy use by 60–70 percent, save billions of dollars and cut carbon emissions.
  • Outdoor lighting should be fully shielded and direct light down where it is needed, not into the sky.
  • Fully shielded fixtures can provide the same level of illumination
    on the ground as unshielded ones, but with less energy and cost.
  • Unnecessary indoor lighting – particularly in empty office buildings at night – should be turned off.

New lighting technologies can help conserve energy

  • LEDs and compact fluorescents (CFLs) can help reduce energy use and
    protect the environment, but only warm-white bulbs should be used. Learn
    more about LEDs and color temperature from our LED Practical Guide.
  • Dimmers, motion sensors and timers can help to reduce average illumination levels and save even more energy.

Quality lighting design reduces energy use and therefore energy
dependence. It also reduces carbon emissions, saves money and allows us
to enjoy the night sky. Watch a clip of the documentary The City Dark to learn how lighting design can reduce light pollution and also conserve energy.

Trump has a meltdown live on CNN

The Donald had one of his world (in)famous meltdowns live on CNN this morning when host Chris Cuomo brought up Ben Carson’s poll numbers. Trump accused CNN of not showing the “yuuuge lines stretching to Park Avenue” for his book signing. Trump and Cuomo sparred for more than twenty minutes about how everybody is being unfair to Donald Trump. By the end of the segment the two were practically shouting at each other.

The Hill recaps the interview:

“Sara Murray didn’t report it very well because she never flips the camera to show the lines. I think she’s absolutely terrible, your reporter,” Trump told host Chris Cuomo. “Either she’s a very unemotional person or she’s not a very good reporter,” Trump continued, adding later, “Maybe she’s a low-key individual and doesn’t believe in showing the crowds.” Cuomo pushed back, forcing the real estate magnate to call him “a top-notch” host. The pair sparred later in the phone interview over CNN’s coverage of Trump’s event. “Excuse me, it stretched all the way down to Madison Avenue from the door!” Trump interjected, referring to the crowd. He returned to suggesting the CNN reporter who covered his book signing reported inaccurately. “I don’t know if that’s because she is incompetent, or she doesn’t like me or maybe she’s given instructions from up above. Who knows. I don’t really care,” Trump said. “Oh please. Listen, you know she’s not getting instructions,” Cuomo said. “I’m sure, CNN is very straight, I’m sure,” Trump said.

Chafee Drops Out

Former Senator and Governor, Republican turned Independent turned Democrat, Lincoln Chafee has dropped out of the Race for President. Gov. Chafee knew he didn’t have any real chance at the Whitehouse, he joined the race to make sure less major (but still important) issues were talked about.

More candidates mean more debate, which is a good thing. He may not have been the best debater or public speaker, but he helped improve the level of discourse in politics — and that is always a good thing.

So long Governor, you didn’t have my support but I thank you for running. I’m interested to see what you’ll do next.

Mid-Century Modern home in Sweden

Check out this awesome home over at I would love to own this home. It just needs a bit more color.

source link

A Mid-Century Modern house in Sweden with 4 bedrooms in 1,130 sq ft. | |

This 4 bedroom home, constructed in the mid-sixties, has the horizontal lines, large expanses of glass and open floor plan that are typical of Mid-Century Modern architecture. It was updated in the late nineties with a renovation overseen by renowned Swedish architect Thomas Sandell


Gross Bigot Uses His Family To Get on TV

I guess fundamentalist Christians really love reality TV. This guy, and his family, are disgusting.

And wow… All the dialog sounds like it is from a High School ‘Into to Cinema’ project.

Via Pathos:

Two years ago, I posted about how nomadic fire-and-brimstone campus preacher Brother Jed Smock would soon be starring with his family in a reality TV show. Like any show, there was only promise of a pilot episode (which is no guarantee of a series or that the pilot would even air on television). But it made sense, I guess. Reality TV and fundamentalist Christians go hand in hand. Between Duck Dynasty, the Duggar family, Teen Exorcists, and Snake Salvation, this couldn’t really be worse, could it?

That’s why you’ll all be excited to know the pilot episode of The Book of Jed is now online. In this episode — no joke — “one of Jed’s five daughters brings a boy home from college… it’s a disaster when Jed discovers the boy is secretly an atheist.”


Saudi Arabia – Our partners in peace

Every week we get another story like this out of Saudi Arabia, and every week the west gets outraged for a day or two. Then I guess we remember the oil or something…

Saudi Arabia: Employer chops off hand of Tamil Nadu woman for trying to escape torture

A woman from Tamil Nadu — working in a Saudi household as a domestic help — has been hospitalised in Riyadh in a critical condition after her right hand was chopped off by he employer, as per TV reports.

Kasturi Munirathnam, who has suffered severe injuries on her body and limbs, has been admitted to Kingdom Hospital, Manorama News reported.

The woman, who hails from North Arcot near Vellore, had reached Saudi Arabia two months ago. In August, Kasturi was first taken to Damam and later shifted to a house in Riyadh, where only women stayed.

She was reportedly burdened with heavy workload and was not even allowed to have telephonic conversation with her relatives in India.

When Kasturi managed to get help from a Tamil Nadu native, she was locked up inside a room and was subjected to mental and physical torture ever since.

Once when she received death threat from the women, she tried to escape through the window of her room. However, when she got out, her hand was chopped off allegedly by her employer.

Currently, the Tamil Nadu wing of Indian Social Forum is taking care of the woman. The Indian embassy officials have met her and extended all support to her.

The investigation, which was carried out by Al-Sahafa police, has been handed over to Saudi Investigation Bureau, reports said.

Kasturi is the breadwinner of her family, which consists of her ailing husband, three daughters and one son.

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