I do not blog regularly, or often (and not at all since the last iteration of my website was hacked) but I suppose I will do a review of 2016 even if it is only for my own fading memory.

The year started with a new job, Network Operations and Engineering – A lot to learn but I have been very happy to finally move out of the realm of customer care and focus on engineering most of the time. February brought the start of a new hobby as I attended the Rhode Island Bee Keepers Association’s annual Bee School, a month long course on the basic of what I would need to know to keep a Bee Hive. Much of the winter was uneventful and hardly worth mentioning.

As spring rolled around I was able build my hive and on that day in early April I got my bees:

Bee Keeping has been an interesting hobby, mich more work than one would assume but I have toughly enjoyed it (when  haven’t been stressing about it).

In June and July we had a number of problems with the swimming pool, though a new motor seemed to have helped smooth things along. We had a nice evening of mini-golf on Tim’s birthday in June.

July had our annual trip to Maine, a few days alone before the full family arrived and it was fun. Immediately after Maine I flew to Atlanta for a week of training for work, it was a wonderful time and Atlanta (or I should say Sandy Springs) was much nicer than I had imagined.



Then came Toronto! We loaded up the car, dropped the dogs off at their respective sitters and drove! The drive itself was nice, if not long, but the trip itself was better! We stayed at this nifty hotel in Chinetown right smack in the middle of the city – the hotel itself was inside a mall!

We did all the touristy things: CN Tower, Toronto Zoo, Casa Loma, Royal Ontario Museum, Ripley’s Aquarium, and a lot of shopping. Time had a lot of fun as he browsed the many fabric shops in the fabric district. The weather was very warm, and nice every day. Our drive home took us through the Thousand Islands and it has sparked the idea to spend a week in a House Boat cruising around the water ways. Full photo album here!

Bears at the Toronto Zoo!

Ripley’s Aquarium.

View of the city from Casa Loma.

I loved the streetcars, we need much better public transit here in the USA!

September rolled around and Tim started school back up. In October we visited New Hampshire, Tori let us stay in her wonderful timeshare and then we visited Maine again for a long weekend.

Some Bob Ross lookin’ stuff in Maine.

My most favorite spot in all the world.

The winter has been uneventful but now we’re starting to plan for this year’s adventures!




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